First, let me introduce myself, I'm Jessica! Hi! If I'm being honest.. I'm brand new to the e-commerce world. Launching a business isn't easy! Woah. Especially if you aren't that tech savvy like myself. Lol. But, I am determined to succeed, so here I am! Wish me luck! I don't want to say my business is under construction, but, a work in progress. I am beginning a new journey for myself.. as you know, us, as humans, usually fear the unknown. Nonetheless, I'm jumping right in! It's scary, exciting, overwhelming. I'm confident I am going to persevere! I'm dedicating everything to CARUSICA! You all are going to be a pivotal part of my new endeavor! Your happiness matters. Your opinion matters. Please don't hesitate to contact me regarding any product info, questions, suggestions or concerns. If you enjoyed your experience, tell a friend! Tell the world! Feedback is encouraged! You'll be hearing from me soon, until then, happy shopping! Thanks for visiting!
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